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Sports Betting in North America

September 10, 2017

Sport is a major part of the human experience. It doesn’t matter what country you live or your sex or your age, you are exposed to sports and probably have a favorite team. From your earliest memories you can probably remember a family member telling you which way to cheer during a football game. So, is it any surprise that betting on sports is a very popular activity?

It is estimated that over 100 billion dollars is bet on sports in North America every year. That number accounts for everything from legal wagers to small unofficial office pools.  It is estimated that North American’s bet over 8 billion dollars a year on the Super Bowl alone. That is just one game.

North of the United States, Canada loves to bet their sports as well. The country is a huge fan of betting a multitude of sports. Their tastes include Hockey, Canadian football, American football, baseball, basketball, and soccer.  Some of the Best sports betting offers in Canada can be found by simply going online. Like the USA, Canada has a proclivity to bet on sporting events from the comfort of their own homes.

Personal Note: I went to Wrigley Field last month and watched two back to back series of baseball. The first series was the Cincinnati Reds visiting the Cubs. The second was the Cubs vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. We were amazed at how well they traveled. The fans from Canada must have composed about 30-40% of the entire viewing audience. This is Wrigley Field we are talking about. It is one of the strongest home field advantages in baseball. This speaks volumes to how much Canadians love their sporting events.

It is estimated that sports betting makes up about 30-40% of total gambling worldwide. The rest is composed of lotteries, bingo, card games, dice games and a myriad of other wagering events. The bottom line is; as humans we love a good wager on the unknown. We are fascinated with the future and we are fascinated with sports. The combination makes for an even more powerful entertainment experience.

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