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Online Sportsbooks Taking Bets on Bitcoin Future Value

Scott Morris | November 10, 2017
bitcoin chart accurate as of november 10, 2017

Online sportsbook BetOnline is known as a leader in offering prop bets of all varieties. The sportsbook earlier this year offered a prop on Bitcoin. The prop was ‘would Bitcoin reach the $7250 mark by years end?’. Well, anyone who has been following the cryptocurrency knows that it smashed that mark by the first of November, behind news that the currency was going to split ad create a new blockchain called Segwit2X.

In the meantime, it has been announced that the Bitcoin miners may not adopt the Segwit2X split and consequently the trading value of Bitcoin has dropped by 10%.

Many people are bullish and confident of Bitcoin’s future regardless of what it is doing at the moment and this attention and speculation keeps prop bet makers creating new BTC props all the time. The most recent one from BetOnline is will Bitcoin hit the $10,000 mark by year’s end. Yes +200 No -260

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