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NJ and William Hill Prepared for Legal Sports Betting

Scott Morris | April 24, 2018
NJ sportsbook

Oceanport, New Jersey – Home of the Monmouth Horse Track and presumably William Hill’s newest sports betting outlet. As we have reported in a half-dozen previous articles, the individual states within the United States are awaiting a ruling from the Supreme Court that will make sports betting legality decidable at the state level. Ahead of this decision, many states have already introduced and approved legislation that will make sports betting totally-legal almost instantaneously.

Far ahead of this curve is New Jersey. They actually started this process years ago and are ready for the extra income the sports betting action will give the state. Case and point is Monmouth Park, a popular New Jersey race track that has teamed with William Hill Sportsbook (based out of UK) and is prepared to start taking sport bets once the so-called “switch” is flipped. Apparently, there are brand new video screens up ready to start displaying those beautiful sports odds. There are also brand new counter tops where individuals can place their hard-earned money on their favorite team and enjoy the afternoon, drinking in the action on the screens.

Today was one of the days the Supreme Court gave for the ruling to possibly be issued. I am sorry to say that it has not been issued today but the next window that the announcement may come is right around the corner. The dates they have announced are April 30; May 14, 21 and 29; June 4, 11, 18 and 29. To me, this type of vagueness is what big government is known for and is worse than your cable company as far as giving you a specific point in time; probably because they know they got you by the nards. “We’ll be by to activate your cable between 12-9 pm. Go ahead and take the day off work.”

New Jersey has spent over $9 million in legal fees to make all of this happen. A few dozen other states have followed suit or are at least looking like they will follow suit and they can thank New Jersey for their newfound income stream when it starts. Stay tuned!

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