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More U.S. States Allow Sports Betting

June 21, 2018

The states are moving fast to allow sports betting. Rhode Island is the latest state to announce that they will pursue fully legalized sports betting.

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Earlier in the day, officials in Mississippi announced that sports betting will be legal at casino locations in 30 days time.

sports betting vs casino betting vegasStates are looking for whatever boost they can get by allowing this form of gambling. Many of the states that are acting so quickly to allow sports betting already have legal casino play. Sports betting itself isn’t looked at by any of the states as a “savior” of their financial woes. In fact, sports betting accounts for a tiny fraction of gambling revenue in Las Vegas, a place where both casino and sports betting have been legal for decades. But, the sports betting option is expected to bring some boost in revenue, at the same time eradicating the hypocrisy of the former system of “cards and lotto good, sports bad”.