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How to Play Craps?

November 11, 2018
how to play craps 2018

Do you want to roll the dice and keep matters in your own hands? Craps is the perfect game for you. It is one of a few casino games where people can actually roll the dice by themselves, really participate in the process of playing and really feel the excitement. Usually, the person that does all the dealing and rolling is the dealer. So, when you enter a casino, and you see people around a table screaming and laughing and cursing and cheering together, you know it is the Craps table. Well, let’s find out why this game is so appealing and why so many people gather up to play it.

The personnel

Each craps table has a boxman and a stickman. The boxman is the one responsible for taking the cash by the dealers and supervising the game. The stickman, as you may have guessed by the name, is the one who gives the dice to the next player. He also sets the pace of the game, making sure the game is going smoothly. On the other sides are the two dealers who pay off the winning parties and collect the lost bets.

The table

The table at craps has double layouts nowadays, as opposed to the previous version. The table actually has a “Pass line” bar all around it, a smaller bar that says “Don’t Pass” and two areas called “Come” and “Don’t Come”. Also, there’s an area marked “Field” and numbers from 4 to 10 (with the 6 and 9 spelled out to prevent confusion, as there are players on both sides). You can find out more about craps bets in this Video Slots review published by FeedBackCasino.


Players encircle the table. The one that rolls the dice is the shooter. Other players may bet no matter who the shooter is. Those who bet on what he will roll are around the “Pass” area, and those who bet against him are at the “Don’t Pass” area. The players who want to put a one-roll bet betting that one of the 7 numbers will show up stand beside the “Field” area.

The bets are placed before the shooter rolls the dice, and the first series of the roll are determining how the game will proceed. Now, it is time for the passline bet, which is also the one with the best odds. But first, you need to know that if the outcome of the comeout is 7 or 11, you win the passline bet. On the other hand, if it’s 2, 3 or 12, you’ve lost.  The number that the shooter rolls becomes the point and the dealer places a marker on it. Again, the shooter rolls. You win if the number is equal to the point. But, if he rolls a 7 before the point number, you lose and then it is the beginning of a new comeout and new shooter.

You’re getting a sense why this is the most played game in the casinos? I bet you are! Roll the dice, shooter!