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Online Sports Gambling In The US 2019

November 12, 2018
sports betting usa 2019

It is exciting times for gamblers in the United States as US Sportsbook starts to become legal in many states. All of the largest gambling companies are looking to take advantage of the massive influx of new gamblers. It has been extremely difficult for those that like to place bets on sporting events based in the USA and due to the restrictions in place it has created a huge black market. Prohibition is shown that it does not work and millions in tax revenues have been avoided due to the ban.

With states such as Kentucky allowing wagering on sports in 2019, many will be looking closely at the impact that it has. The key will be how much tax revenue it produces as money always talks louder than words. If it is a success it will encourage others to go down the same route and help to finally put an end to the unfair ban across the whole of the U.S.

It has been a limited choice of states for gamblers to be able to gamble on sports with only five states that it is allowed. These are; Nevada, West Virginia, Delaware and Mississippi. With the likes of New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island all pressing forward with sports betting legalization, there could be a huge influx of other joins during 2019.

It is not just sports betting that states are looking to legalize as many others are looking at allowing fantasy sports leagues, riverboat casinos, racetracks with online betting and more. These include the likes of Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Maryland, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

U.S. Sports Leagues 2019

One of the main focuses of gambling lobbyists hired by the sports leagues it to make sure that they get a slice of the huge U.S. gambling pie. They are pressing lawmakers to include laws that will enable them to earn a fee from any wager placed on their sporting events. These include the NBA, MLB, PGAT along with the NFL.

Among the different proposals on the table at the Supreme Court are percentage fees for integrity which is paid each quarter to a governing body. Other include a state tax of 9.25% on all wagers that take part. Expect to see gambling firms spend millions lobbying to attempt to tilt the cards in their favor.

One of the biggest deals of the year so far involved well-known casino brand MGM. They recently announced that they have signed a partnership deal with the NBA. It is worth an estimated $25 million over a period of three years. With this amount of money involved expect to see many other leagues team with gambling companies during 2019.


With so much money involved the battle to become the leading U.S. online sports gambling website is going to be fierce. Many laws and regulations still need to be decided but what is certain is that it is going to become a reality in the not too distant future. With vast sums of revenue for states who do legalize it via a new stream of tax revenue, others will not want to miss out, especially when budgets are so tight presently.