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Sportsbooks Had Great End to Mediocre Weekend

Scott Morris | December 17, 2018
SNF Eagles upset sportsbooks

The football action at the sportsbook this weekend was mixed. No real heavy hits or big wins on Saturday as there were only a mixed bag of minor bowl games and a couple NFL games. Sportsbooks lost early on Sunday but more than made up for that in the late games, especially the SNF game.

George, who is head linesmaker at top offshore online sportsbook gave us the following quote: “Week 15’s biggest surprise, and biggest win for us, has to be the Eagles upsetting the Rams as a 6/1 underdog.  It keeps them in the hunt with momentum heading into week 16 after Foles beats a super bowl favorite to stay alive.  With teams like Philly and Cleveland keeping the dream of a playoff spot alive, expect a lot more excitement in the market down the stretch.  The Vikings blowout win was our only real dark spot on the weekend so overall we’re quite pleased with the results.”

A look at onshore sportsbook William Hill‘s action report helps make the picture clearer on how they did:

Tonight’s NFL action has Super Bowl Favorite New Orleans visiting Carolina. New Orleans is -6 points on the point spread. The betting action is just about even on this game.

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