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NFL Lines Week 17

December 24, 2018
pittsburgh steelers ben

The lines for week 17 NFL are on the board and have been for about 24 hours. There are a handful for games that have no spread posted because it is unclear who will be starting for those teams.

The line that jumped off the page right away was Pittsburgh -16.5 vs Cincinnati. That is one of the largest, but not the largest, spreads of the season. You may recall the spread earlier in the season when Minnesota was 17.5 point favorites over Buffalo, a game in which Buffalo won outright. Early sports bettors have wagered the Bengals heavily and the line has moved quickly down to Pittsburgh -14.

It is important to study which teams will not be affected by the outcome of their game. They may rest starters or pull the early. To see NFL playoff picture click here

The Eagles -7 at Washington is also being bet very heavily at sportsbooks. However the line has not moved. It looks like the sportsbooks are staying put on this one. Here are the lines as of Monday Night 8pm EST:

Updated: December 25, 2018

MIA +3.5
BUF -3.5

NYJ +13.5
NE -13.5

DET +7.5
GB -7.5

JAX +7
HOU -7

ATL +1
TB -1

CLE +5.5
BAL -5.5

CIN +14
PIT -14

CHI +5
MIN -5

PHI -7
WAS +7

OAK +13.5
KC -13.5

SF +10
LAR -10

LAC -6.5
DEN +6.5

IND -2.5
TEN +2.5

Games still off the Board: