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Free Shirt and Hat for Signing Up

January 16, 2019
free hat

We like to give away gear from time to time. And if we can help our sponsors at the same time, great! We are bringing back a special that was popular at the start of football season. We are giving away an SBA hat and shirt to anyone who signs up and deposits a minimum of 50 bucks with or

Basically it’s almost fifty bucks worth of free gear to deposit fifty bucks. You can then hopefully grow your bankroll, bet on the Super Bowl and cash out!

Use theses links. You must not have existing account with either sportsbook. The sportsbooks are currently offering a bonus as well. You can accept the bonus and have to meet a required rollover, or you can decline the bonus: – Offering a 50% free play on first time deposits. – Offering 50% cash bonus to first time customers.

Contact us with your customer number and which sportsbook afterward.

  • offer valid until Super Bowl Sunday 2019