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MLB Opening Day Odds

March 27, 2019
2019 opening day odds

2019 Opening day is starting earlier than ever. This is a good thing to some folks but many long time baseball fans feel let down. They looked forward to the tradition of opening day being on Sunday afternoon, when most people are off work.

The line-ups are truly stellar. This is some of the best opening day pitching I can remember. And other than the NYY (-340) there are no other super heavy favorites on the board.


Although there is only preseason numbers and spring training standings to work with, we still have some picks for opening day. We know these pitchers well and have studied the roster changes. But, until you see them play together in a game that counts you have to be a little cautious. That is why we are risking small wagers on these picks. Two favorites and two dogs, all of them road teams. Do with them as you feel:

  1. Pirates +108  (Taillon)
  2. Arizona +145 (Grienke)
  3. San Francisco -114 (Bumgarner)
  4. Cleveland -135 (Kluber)

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Time(-) TeamPitcherOpenerCurrently
March 28, 2019 NYMJ. degrom6½  6½  
1:05p WASM. Scherzer-121/+110  -128/+118  
March 28, 2019 STLM. Mikolas8½  8½o-111  
2:10p MILJ. Chacin-114/+104  -112/+102  
March 28, 2019 ATLJ. Teheran7½  8o-115  
3:05p PHIA. Nola-190/+170  -181/+171  
March 28, 2019 PITJ. Taillon8  8½u-117  
4:10p CINL. Castillo-115/+105  -118/+108  
March 28, 2019 ARIZ. Greinke7½  7½u-120  
4:10p LADH. Ryu -L-160/+144  -155/+145  
March 28, 2019 SFOM. Bumgarner -L-114/+104  8u-120  
4:10p SDGE. Lauer -L8  -105/-105  
March 28, 2019 COLK. Freeland -L-145/+131  -142/+132  
4:10p MIAJ. Urena7½  8u-125  
March 28, 2019 BALA. Cashner9  9u-117  
1:05p NYYM. Tanaka-340/+296  -360/+315  
March 28, 2019 DETJ. Zimmermann9  9u-118  
3:37p TORM. Stroman-140/+126  -140/+130  
March 28, 2019 HOUJ. Verlander-121/+110  -132/+122  
4:00p TAMB. Snell -L6½  6½o-120  
March 28, 2019 LAAT. Cahill9  9  
4:07p OAKM. Fiers-121/+110  -115/+105  
March 28, 2019 CLEC. Kluber-135/+122  -117/+107  
4:10p MINJ. Berrios7½  7½  
March 28, 2019 CWSC. Rodon -L8½  8½u-117  
4:15p KANB. Keller-114/+104  -111/+101  
March 28, 2019 BOSC. Sale -L-185/+166  -195/+182  
7:08p SEAM. Gonzales -L7  7  
March 28, 2019 CUBJ. Lester -L-135/+122  -129/+119  
4:05p TEXM. Minor -L9½  9½