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Sportsbook Needs for Tonight’s Title Game

April 8, 2019
texas tech vs Virginia betting report

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship is happening tonight. It is the culmination of many weeks of hard fought basketball by hundreds of young excellent young men. It all comes down to one game that will be played at 9 PM EST tonight.

You may be wondering which side of the Championship Game point spread people are betting. It really depends on which sportsbook you are surveying. Many sportsbooks are claiming about even action but we have noticed that many online pollsters are getting Texas Tech at a ratio about 2/1.

We discussed the matter with SBA Top Ranked Sportsbook YouWager and this is what they had to say: “Favorite is Texas Tech and the over 118 for the game. The book needs Virginia to win by 2 for it to be a good day for us. After that, it’s time to gear up for Baseball season!”

If Virginia and the Over hit tonight, it will be an excellent closure of the college basketball season for YouWager. They did very well with last weekend’s games.  A YW representative said: “We made it really well this weekend. No one expected Auburn or Texas Tech to keep the games as close as they were! Great weekend for the book!”