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NBA Playoff Odds to Win Championship

April 11, 2019
2019 NBA Playoffs Championship Odds

The 2018-2019 NBA regular season wrapped up Wednesday night and the post season teams and post-season match-ups have been set.

It is no surprise that the Golden State Warriors are favored to win it all again. What may be a little surprising is the odds at which they are favored to win. They are 2/1 (-220), heavy favorites even though two teams had better regular season records (Milwaukee & Toronto).

Last year at this time the Golden State Warriors were favored to win it all at odds of 1/1 (+110). They were in a similar spot then too (two teams with better 2017-2018 regular season records). Oddsmakers won’t make the same mistake again. They know that the betting public is going to bet the Warriors and at 2/1 odds they are almost daring them to do so.

Without further delay here are the odds at the start of the 2019 NBA playoffs to win it all::

Golden State Warriors-200
Milwaukee Bucks+500
Boston Celtics+1200
Houston Rockets+1200
Toronto Raptors+1200
Philadelphia 76ers+1600
Denver Nuggets+2500
Oklahoma City Thunder+4000
Utah Jazz+4000
Portland Trail Blazers+10000
San Antonio Spurs+10000
Brooklyn Nets+15000
Indiana Pacers+15000
Orlando Magic+15000
Detroit Pistons+25000
Los Angeles Clippers+25000