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NFL Week 1 Point Spreads

April 17, 2019
nfl wrap up week 2 betting 2018

The NFL season schedules are fresh off the billion dollar NFL printing press and you knew it wouldn’t be long before sportsbooks issued early lines on those schedules.

You can lock in action now if you like or wait until closer to the game to bet it.

Below you can see the current sportsbook spreads and totals (over/unders) that are available.

You can find these spreads at the highest rated offshore sportsbooks and you can also find them at some betting shops in Las Vegas.

7:00 PM ESTThursday, Sep 05, 2019
Green Bay Packers+3½45½
Chicago Bears-3½45½
1:00 PM ESTSunday, Sep 08, 2019
Atlanta Falcons+547.5
Minnesota Vikings-547.5
Washington Redskins+846
Philadelphia Eagles-846
Buffalo Bills+339
New York Jets-339
Baltimore Ravens-3½36½
Miami Dolphins+3½36½
SF 49ers+248.5
Tampa Bay Bucs-248.5
KC Chiefs-552.5
Jacksonville Jags+552.5
Tennessee Titans+4½44½
Cleveland Browns-4½44½
LA Rams-350.5
Carolina Panthers+350.5
4:25 PM ESTSunday, Sep 08, 2019
Cincinnati Bengals+744
Seattle Seahawks-744
Indianapolis Colts+348.5
San Diego Chargers-348.5
Detroit LionsPick48.5
Arizona CardinalsPick48.5
New York Giants+6½46
Dallas Cowboys-6½46
8:20 PM ESTSunday, Sep 08, 2019
Pittsburgh Steelers+6½52½
New England Patriots-6½52½
7:10 PM ESTMonday, Sep 09, 2019
Houston Texans+7½54
New Orleans Saints-7½54
10:15 PM ESTMonday, Sep 09, 2019
Denver Broncos+342½
Oakland Raiders-342½