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Odds to Win U.S. Presidency

April 23, 2019
odds that trump will win 2020

The presidential futures are always changing as news about a potential candidate develops.

It is important to note that the sitting president is always odds-on favorite to win.

There is no clear-cut democratic party leader for candidacy so that only shortens President Trump’s odds.

And as soon as it looks like they may have a solid leader, the person goes and does something dumb like taking a DNA test to prove they are something they are not.

More moderate democratic congressman Seth Moulton just threw his hat in the ring. If the democrats have a chance it is behind someone like him. There are no odds being offered on his chances yet.

Most online sportsbooks offer political odds like these on their website.

Donald Trump+125
Bernie Sanders+800
Beto ORourke+800
Joe Biden+800
Pete Buttigieg+800
Kamala Harris+900
Andrew Yang+2000
Amy Klobuchar+5000
Cory Booker+5000
Elizabeth Warren+5000
Kirsten Gillibrand+6600
Mike Pence+6600
Andrew Cuomo+10000
Gavin Newsom+10000
Howard Schultz+10000
John Hickenlooper+10000
John Kasich+10000
Julian Castro+10000
Nikki Haley+10000
Tulsi Gabbard+10000