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NFL Draft Odds

April 25, 2019
2019 NFL final draft odds betting odds

The first round of the NFL draft occurs tonight starting at 7 pm ET and can be seen on ESPN. The odds have changed quite a bit since we last reported on the NFL draft odds back in February. A lot has happened since then including the NFL combine, which moved players up or down in team’s pecking order.

No move has been more noticeable than that of Heisman Trophy winning QB Kyler Murray. He went from being the estimated 9.5 pick (over/under) back in February to virtually the guaranteed first overall pick (-400 odds).

ESPN’s Mel Kiper has him going #1 overall to the Cardinals in his annual final NFL mock draft. He has Nick Bosa going #2 overall to the 49ers. These odds can be bet at most any top online sportsbook

Here are the updated odds for the 2019 NFL Draft:

Number One Pick:

Kyler Murray-400
Nick Bosa+400
Quinnen Williams +450
Josh Allen+5000

Number Two Pick:

Nick Bosa-325
Quinnen Williams +375
Kyler Murray +475
Josh Allen +1400

These odds can be bet at most any top online sportsbook

Number Three Pick:

Quinnen Williams+175
Ed Oliver+250
Josh Allen+275
Dwayne Haskins+700
Nick Bosa+800
Kyler Murray+1200
Drew Lock+1400

First Running Back Selected:

Josh Jacobs-500
Miles Sanders+700
Damien Harris+800
David Montgomery+1000
Justice Hill+2000

NFL Draft Order:

1.Arizona Cardinals(3-13)
2.San Francisco 49ers(4-12)
3.New York Jets(4-12)
4.Oakland Raiders(4-12)
5.Tampa Bay Buccaneers(5-11)
6.New York Giants(5-11)
7.Jacksonville Jaguars(5-11)
8.Detroit Lions(6-10)
9.Buffalo Bills(6-10)
10.Denver Broncos(6-10)
11.Cincinnati Bengals(6-10)
12.Green Bay Packers(6-9-1)
13.Miami Dolphins(7-9)
14.Atlanta Falcons(7-9)
15.Washington Redskins(7-9)
16.Carolina Panthers(7-9)
17.Cleveland Browns(7-8-1)
18.Minnesota Vikings(8-7-1)
19.Tennessee Titans(9-7)
20.Pittsburgh Steelers(9-6-1)
21.Seattle Seahawks(10-6)
22.Baltimore Ravens(10-6)
23.Houston Texans(11-5)
24.Oakland Raiders (from Bears)(4-12)
25.Philadelphia Eagles(9-7)
26.Indianapolis Colts(10-6)
27.Oakland Raiders (from Cowboys)(4-12)
28.Los Angeles Chargers(12-4)
29.Kansas City Chiefs(12-4)
30.Green Bay Packers (from Saints)(6-9-1)
31.Los Angeles Rams(13-3)
32.New England Patriots(11-5)