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William Hill Exiting Switzerland and Latvian Markets

Scott Morris | June 24, 2019
william hill logo - sportsbook pulls out of latvia

William Hill sportsbook let it be known through another sportsbook reviews themed website that they plan to pull the plug on their operations in two countries as of June 30, 2019.The reason they cited was expanding and complicated legal hurdles.

Latvia passed a law back in April limiting or denying its citizens from using internationally based sportsbooks. In a move reminiscent of their years under Stalinist communism, the law dictates that ISP’s must forward the IP’s of any user attempting to access those websites. Violation of this law by its citizens will be punishable by up to €350 per offense.

Switzerland, in an effort to stimulate their own land based operations, has made legalized the use of international sportsbooks. This effort goes into effect next month and was not as controversial as the Latvian law in that 72.9% of the populace voted for it.

William Hill is an A rated sportsbook and can be accessed through most of the free world. hey are already firmly established and are quickly gaining ground in the race for U.S. gambling customers.

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