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NFL Team Win Totals Over Under

June 29, 2019
team win over unders

Some people like betting futures. They can make the bettor money and keep the season interesting. One popular form of future bet is the team total wins for the NFL season.

NFL teams plays 16 regular season games. Because of the amount parity that exists, a good team can come out and lay an egg and finish well below their over/under for the year. Ex. Green Bay Packers winning just six games last year as their season imploded. Their win total number for betting at the start of the season was 10. Congrats to all UNDER bettors.

Then you can have a team that is expected to be decent but the question marks around the team get them a 9.5 win over under. The Saints, being this example, went on to win 13 games and were one play from a Super Bowl appearance.

A season win total bettor must study all the changes made to the team in the off-season.  They must apply every bit of insight they can garner then come up with a solid number of their own. Then they can cross-reference it with the actual number and if there is a significant difference, that should be their bet.

Most any reputable online sportsbook will have these totals posted and you can bet them now.

Team2018 Wins2019 Win TotalOVERUNDER
Arizona Cardinals35-110-110
Atlanta Falcons79+110-130
Baltimore Ravens108-130+110
Buffalo Bills67-125+105
Carolina Panthers77.5-115-105
Chicago Bears129.5+105-125
Cincinnati Bengals66-125+105
Cleveland Browns79-130+110
Dallas Cowboys108.5-120+100
Denver Broncos67-110-110
Detroit Lions67+120-140
Green Bay Packers69.5+110-130
Houston Texans118.5+120-140
Indianapolis Colts109.5-150+130
Jacksonville Jaguars58+100-120
Kansas City Chiefs1210+100-120
Los Angeles Chargers129.5-150+130
Los Angeles Rams1310.5+110-130
Miami Dolphins75+120-140
Minnesota Vikings89-120+100
New England Patriots1111-130+110
New Orleans Saints1310.5+110-130
New York Giants56+115-135
New York Jets47-140+120
Oakland Raiders46.5+120-140
Philadelphia Eagles99.5-175+155
Pittsburgh Steelers98.5-130+110
San Francisco 49ers48-120+100
Seattle Seahawks108.5-120+100
Tampa Bay Buccaneers56.5+115-135
Tennessee Titans98.5+120-140
Washington Redskins76-120+100