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Bet Yes or Not if NCAA Top Teams Will Make Playoffs

July 11, 2019
College football playoff betting props

These type of prop futures bets can be quite interesting. You can bet if a team will make the college football playoffs. The playoffs itself only allows four teams in its current configuration. So naturally, some of the top teams will not make it.

The top teams that currently have odds are Clemson, Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Michigan. That’s eight teams to fit into only four spot. Can you guess which ones will make it and which will not?

According to the preseason college football rankings, number 7 and 8 are conspicuously left off the list and basically skipped over. #7 is LSU and #8 is Florida. I am sure sportsbooks will add more teams to the prop as we get closer to football season.

2019 College Football Playoff Prop (Yes or No)

Alabama Yes -250
No +195
Clemson Yes -280
No +220
Georgia Yes -130
No +110
Michigan No -400
Yes +300
Notre DameNo -400
Yes +300
OklahomaYes -175
No +145
Ohio StateNO -200
Yes +165
TexasNo -500
Yes +350

If one or two stick out to me as perhaps having some value they would be Oklahoma No +145. They lost their Heisman player and other teams are moving up around them. The other is Georgia Yes -130. They are a very solid football team. They have a great shot of making it to the big show in my opinion.

Scott Morris