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MB-SQUARES Latest Offshore to Pull Out of New Jersey

August 29, 2019
bookmaker to exit new jersey

As we reported a few days ago, powerful offshore sportsbook has pulled out of New Jersey. Now it appears (SBA Rating C-) has also followed suit.

This comes after the State of New Jersey, who led the fight to get sports betting legalized on the state level, is now spending just as much time and energy going after offshore bookmakers. We already know that websites who carry links to offshore sportsbook have been sent letters that urge them to stop doing so by New Jersey. It would appear that perhaps New Jersey has reached outside of its borders to influence these large sportsbooks as well. Or perhaps, the sportsbooks want to avoid any entanglements and the state of NJ is not profitable enough to justify their presence. We have reached out to the sportsbooks directly on the matter and haven’t received a response yet.

It has been reported that is sending out letters to its customers in New Jersey telling them that their bets are no longer welcome and that they have a deadline to withdraw their funds.

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Bookmaker is the U.S. facing offshoot of CRIS (Costa Rican Island Sports), whose motto is (or at least was) “where the line originates”. This moniker was actually true as they were usually the first shop to publish lines of betting events.

BetCris was founded in 1985 and the Bookmaker brand was spun off in the late 1990’s

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