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Offshore Needs Browns – NJ Book Needs Rams

Scott Morris | September 22, 2019
Browns vs Rams Public Betting numbers

The dichotomy between sportsbooks in a particular state vs one that is located offshore and takes bets from around the world becomes more apparent every week.

Tonight’s 8:20 PM ET Game featuring the Cleveland Browns vs the L.A. Rams has different meaning depending on which sportsbook you are.

The prominent offshore sportsbook reported that this may be the single most important game for them yet, in this early season. No word on the exact numbers we are talking about you can get they are at least six digits.

One of their sportsbook managers tweeted the following:

Now, looking at New Jersey’s William Hill, they have a completely different story unfolding. A single player wagered $500,000 on the Cleveland Browns +3.5

We polled four offshore sportsbooks and combined they have taken a total of 67% of the money on the Rams. Is the William Hill bettor strictly going “against-the-public”? Does he have some info the rest of us don’t? Who Knows.

The Brown are the hottest team as far as public perception goes. They acquired some major players in the offseason and their QB had a great rookie campaign last season. But are they elite yet?

The Browns have been flagged a league-high 27 times in two games. This would suggest that they are not playing disciplined football.


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