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October 24, 2019
world of sports betting

Though much of our news skews in the direction of North American sports, we do report on sports betting on a world wide basis from time to time. Boxing is a very international sport and we carry stories on the biggest fights, especially the heavyweight division. For instance, we have posted odds on the Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury rematch.

People from around the world enjoy betting sports online as well. It has been legal for many decades and is a part of everyday life in many countries. You can place a sports bet in-person at the local bookie stand or log into your favorite betting website to place action on your favorite team. Other types of bets are placed online too. In France for instance you can play at a Casino en ligne argent reel or Online casino real money.

Soccer, or football as other countries call it, is the most bet sport in the world. Just about every nation enjoys soccer and they enjoy betting on it as well. Soccer has over 3 billion fans and it is believed that 250 million of them bet on the game.

In USA sports betting, football means American Football and it is the most popular sport to bet. It is estimated that more than half of all action placed at American sportsbooks is on football. That means more money is bet on NCAA football and NFL football than all other sports combined. America is crazy for their football.

Although Soccer is mildly popular in the United States, other sports that are very popular overseas have yet to catch on there. Professional Rugby, Cricket, Australian Rules Football, these are all games that have many fans in other parts of the world but have not attracted a significant fan-base in the USA. Who knows, maybe with enough time these games will gain traction in North America but I believe the time difference to be the major hurdle keeping that from happening.