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NFL Week 9 Betting Report

October 30, 2019
nfl public betting numbers week 9

The first game of week 9 NFL action kicks off tomorrow night as the 49ers visit the Arizona Cardinals. The line on this game has already moved from SF -7 (open) to SF -8.5 (Monday) to SF -10.5 at some shops as of today. The public is all over the ‘Niners. See other NFL Line Moves Here

One offshore sportsbook has reported that there is very lopsided action on NFL games this week. In Fact, even with the sportsbook moving the line over three points, San Fran is still heavily lopsided as far as betting is concerned. Arizona may be a great ATP (against-the public) type of play.

Many of the usual suspects are being bet heavily this week. Sportsbooks can always count of plenty of square action on New England, Green Bay and Dallas. But some of the not-so-usual suspects are lopsided as well. The Jets, Colts and Cleveland are teams not often bet very lopsidedly.

PercentageTeam (Bets)
96%Green Bay -3
90%S.F. -10
87%Cleveland -3
85%Indianapolis +1
76%New England -3
76%Dallas -7
74%NY Jets -3
73%Seattle -6.5
72%Carolina -3.5
72%Philadelphia -5
71%Houston -1.5
68%Detroit +2
57%Washington +9.5