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Colin Kaepernick Next Team Odds

Scott Morris | November 13, 2019
Colin Kaepernick next team odds

You may have heard by now that the NFL is bending over backwards to improve their image after the entire Colin Kaepernick debacle. The league was sued by Colin Kaepernick and settled with him out of court. Now they want to prove that there is no conspiracy against him and to do that, they are conspiring with him to get him a job. I know, its weird. And desperate.

The NFL is hosting a show-of-skills event where Colin Kaepernick will throw the ball and run around. NFL teams have been invited to scout the event in the hopes that one of them will offer him a job. It wouldn’t be surprising if there are some backroom dealing to ensure that he gets one.

Anyway, online sportsbook BetOnline has offered odds on which team will be the next employer of Mr. Kaepernick. We have shared these odds below.

The event will take place Saturday in Atlanta.

Cincinnati Bengals+350
Pittsburgh Steelers+400
Baltimore Ravens+600
Buffalo Bills+700
Oakland Raiders+700
Carolina Panthers+800
Houston Texans+1000
Chicago Bears+1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1200
Arizona Cardinals+1500
San Francisco 49ers+1600
Indianapolis Colts+2000
Los Angeles Rams+2000
Cleveland Browns+2500
Philadelphia Eagles+3300
Dallas Cowboys+5000
New England Patriots+5000

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