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Your Most Compelling College Bowl Statistic

November 28, 2019

You could have had a huge Return On Investment the last 3 years by finding Underdogs who covered.

Because 69.44% of the underdogs who covered won their games outright!

Your Bowl Results
(not including pushes, or 1/2 pt decisions)

2015 to 2018
Favorites who won: 74
Dogs who covered: 72
Dogs who covered and also won: 50

The numbers were even more impressive last season(78.9%):
Favorites who won: 14
Dogs who covered: 19
Dogs who covered and also won: 15

The trick is finding those underdogs who will outperform.

Good Luck The Rest of This Season.
I’ll do my best for you on this end.
John Rothschild

John Rothschild - sports handicapperAuthor of Best Selling:
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