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Why Would You Ever Put Your Wagering Capital into Bitcoin?

Scott Morris | December 8, 2019
Bitcoin as an investment analysis

I started with absolutely nothing, and assumed substantial debt to pay for my MBA(finance and statistics).
My bankroll for football and horse ownership came from smart investing and lots of research.

The most astute investors understand that:
1) You must be able to identify conceptual changes
2) While some of the basics will always stay the same

What stays the same?
Human Nature and Market Cycles
Greed and Uninformed Decisions

So what’s new?
Transaction Speeds & Astute Cryptocurrency Investment
You’ll need to have a working understanding to stay ahead of others, whether investing in financial or sports markets.

Let’s keep this really simple!
I’ve had disagreements with well known financial principles who think that “Crypto” is both intangible and unsustainable.

Their arguments are:
1)It’s a currency that isn’t backed by commodities with physical or palpable value (like gold or diamonds).
2) It’s value can easily be manipulated.

I disagree.
1) We’re the ones who gave gold and/or diamonds value.
2) Block Chain algorithms protect these currencies better than their market contemporaries.

Although stagnant right now, Crypto will continue to rise in the future for three(3) main reasons.
1) Unlike many other investments, it’s base is finite.
2) Cryptocurrencies are gaining worldwide recognition and are now accepted by: AT&T, New Egg, Shopify, Bookmaker, Starbucks, etc..
3) There will always be inherent market volatility.

Equities will correct. They always do!
(To help validate, a little history is presented below**)
But…….Unlike other consolidations, this economy is strong.
When the market finally corrects,  the public and financial institutions will need another viable venue.

That will be Cryptocurrency.

Good luck with your investing, whether in sport or financial markets.
Sports are still my favorite because of:
1) Shorter Market Cycles &
2) Quick Rates of Turnover

**A brief history of U.S. market implosions!

The Panic of 1907:
This 50% sell off was quick. The market rebounded quickly for two reasons.
a) The government indirectly pumped money back into the system.
(This would obviously prove much more difficult in the future.)
b) The economy was actually relatively healthy.

The Crash and Resulting Depression of 1929:
This time the economy was weak and the market was artificially inflated, catalyzing an unmitigated disaster.
The government did not have the resources to correct.

Black Monday of 1987:
This was exacerbated by our first real association with market globalization, and far eastern markets.

The Tech Bubble of 2000:
This was just greed, over-speculation, and a complete disregard for market fundamentals.

The Derivative Meltdown of 2008:
The masses, including the government, had no idea that the few were manipulating the many.

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