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College Football National Championship Odds Comparison

December 9, 2019
national championship odds

The final four college football teams have been set and LSU is the number one overall seed. They also are the favorite to win it all. This came about for two reasons. First, they beat #4 Georgia in convincing fashion. Also, they have an easier path to get to the final game.

In round one, LSU is favored over #4 Oklahoma by 13 points. Ohio State and Clemson will have to battle it out and have about an even shot at beating one another. Clemson is -2 or -120 on the moneyline.

If you think you have a good idea of which team will pull off the championship win, you can bet it now at various sportsbooks. We have put together this chart of odds from three top sportsbooks online. You can shop your teams best odds here:

Ohio State +250+205+250