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Odds on Tom Brady’s Next Team

January 11, 2020
Tom Brady Odds

Every NFL fan knows by now that Tom Brady will be a unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career. And we believe it would be fantasy to think he would retire. Furthermore, we believe it to be mental masturbation to try and figure out for what team he will play for next. Yes, many great QB’s went on to play for another team at the very end of their career, Brett Favre and Joe Montana most notably. But both of those guys had a younger QB pushing them out. There is no great QB waiting in the wings in new England.

Besides the fact that Brady said he wanted to play until he was 45 years old last year, there is the fact that Brady released this statement on his social media a few days ago “You don’t always win. You can, however, learn from that failure, pick yourself up with great enthusiasm, and place yourself in the arena again. And that’s right where you will find me. Because I know I still have more to prove,” wrote Brady.

Still, some sportsbooks are offering odds that Brady will retire that pay 4-1. Below are the odds for each team that Tom Brady is most likely to end up on if he were to somehow not stay with the Patriots:

  • New England Patriots -400
  • Retire 4-1
  • Los Angeles Chargers 5-1
  • Oakland Raiders 6-1
  • Denver Broncos 10-1
  • Carolina Panthers 10-1
  • Cleveland Browns 15-1
  • Tennessee Titans 18-1
  • Chicago Bears 20-1
  • Miami Dolphins 20-1
  • Field 5-2