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Action Report for CFB Championship Game from Multiple Sportsbooks

Scott Morris | January 13, 2020
lsu clemson action report

The betting public at large has had nearly two weeks to throw down their wagers on the college football championship game which kicks off tonight.

LSU plays host to Clemson at the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome in New Orleans, La. In a way, the game is much more of a home game for LSU. It’s just an 80 mile drive from campus to game. But we expect to see Clemson well represented at this game because money talks and fans and boosters have bought a load of tickets from what we are being told.

The line was issued at LSU -3.5 and was immediately bet upward to -5 points. Then it came back down some to -4.5 where it stayed for a day or two. The line has slowly crept upwards to -5.5 and -6. Today has seen some counter-balancing action and the line is stable at LSU -5 at most shops.

Best Lines available:

LSU is -4 at Heritage Sportsbook

Clemson is +6 at Bovada

We have posted a free pick write up at the free sports picks website. LSU vs Clemson Free Pick

Action Report

BetOnline Reports the Following

“72% of the action is betting LSU.”

This statement was made before the stream of Clemson action that we have seen taking place in Vegas the hour or two.

MGM in Las Vegas

Caesars in Las Vegas

William Hill US is reporting the following statistics:

CLEMSON vs LSU @WILLIAMHILLUS CURRENT POINT SPREAD 1/12/20 % of total # of tickets on Point Spread % of total $’s wagered on Point Spread
CLEMSON +5.5 (-110) 31% 29%
LSU -5.5 (-110) 69% 71%


Clemson vs LSU – Money Line Odds & Trends:

CLEMSON vs LSU @WILLIAMHILLUS CURRENT MONEY LINE @WILLIAMHILLUS % of total # of tickets on Money Line % of total $’s wagered on Money Line
CLEMSON +190 76% 48%
LSU -220 24% 52%


Clemson vs LSU – Over/Under Odds & Trends:

CLEMSON vs LSU @WILLIAMHILLUS CURRENT TOTAL @WILLIAMHILLUS % of total # of tickets on Total % of total $’s wagered on Total
OVER 69 (-110) 52% 46%
UNDER 69 (-110) 48% 54%


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