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2020 NFL Divisional Odds

March 23, 2020
Drew Brees and Saints favored to win NFC South

Tom Brady is now a Buccaneer. Stefon Diggs in now a Buffalo Bill. DeAndre Hopkins is now a Cardinal. Many changes have occurred this past week in the NFL and it has shaken up the odds as well.

Assuming that there will be an NFL season played this year (coronavirus), the odds for the team to be division champ of each of the 8 divisions have been posted.

Surprisingly the Bucs are not favored to win the NFC South with Tom Brady. That is because the Saints are still viable and Drew Brees decided to come back and play for another year. Between The Falcons’ Matt Ryan, the Bucs’ Tom Brady and the Saints’ Drew Brees there is 118 years on Earth combine and 53 of those years in the NFL. The QB situation in that conference is “long in the tooth”.

The team that is expected to draft the best QB in the 2020 NFL draft, Joe Burrow, is the Cincinnati Bengals. This fact isn’t helping with their immediate forecast as the Bengals are expected to finish in the cellar of the division (+2500). They are also tied for last place in the AFC odds (+6600) and last tied for second to last in NFL Super Bowl odds at +25000.

I think the Patriots automatically being favored to win the AFC EAST is a mistake. They have no idea who will QB their team. Meanwhile the Bills have been putting together a team (see Stefon Diggs to Bills above).  I think the Patriots and the oddsmakers have both underestimated what Tom Brady meant for the Patriots team.

2020 NFL Division Odds

NFL Division Odds 
New England Patriots-110
Buffalo Bills+175
New York Jets+700
Miami Dolphins+900
AFC North
Baltimore Ravens-200
Pittsburgh Steelers+350
Cleveland Browns+450
Cincinnati Bengals+2500
AFC South
Indianapolis Colts+150
Tennessee Titans+175
Houston Texans+250
Jacksonville Jaguars+1400
AFC West
Kansas City Chiefs-350
Denver Broncos+800
Las Vegas Raiders+800
Los Angeles Chargers+800
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys+125
Philadelphia Eagles+140
New York Giants+650
Washington Redskins+800
NFC North
Green Bay Packers+125
Minnesota Vikings+200
Chicago Bears+300
Detroit Lions+1000
NFC South
New Orleans Saints-125
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+200
Atlanta Falcons+600
Carolina Panthers+1400
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers-110
Seattle Seahawks+350
Los Angeles Rams+400
Arizona Cardinals+500