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What are They Betting? AFC Division Odds Betting Report

March 25, 2020
what are people betting ?

A few days ago we posted the latest divisional odds for the NFL. Now, a few days later we are checking in to see what odds people are betting most.

In this article we will review the amount of tickets and the amount of % wagered on each team to win each division in the AFC.

Odds from

AFC East

The results here are of no surprise. Even after Tom Brady left the Patriots, oddsmakers still had them favored winning the AFC East. But the Bills are the team everyone is looking at there. The Bills added Stefon Diggs after a successful 2019 season that saw them make the post-season.

TeamOdds% of tickets% of money
New England-1105%1%

It seems obvious that bettors are starting to believe in Miami. But the big money bettors are not wagering that much on them. Between Miami’s hot play to finish their 2019 campaign, their upcoming draft prospects (which include three picks in round 1), and their tremendous offseason pick-ups, Miami may turn out to be the smart play here at +900.

AFC North

TeamOdds% of tickets% of money
Baltimore -20022%22%

Surprisingly, people betting the NFC North seem to have faith in the Browns. It helps that they are paying almost 5/1. Also, it could be that people are betting on Baker Mayfield’s sophomore slump to be over and for the Browns to finally pull off a winning season. They have the tools, but an they get it done?

Money is not streaming in on Pittsburgh. The questionable situation at QB has bettors feeling gun-shy. The Bengals have a surprising amount of action and tickets right now considering that they are expected to be a cellar team in 2020.

AFC South

TeamOdds% of tickets% of money
Indianapolis +15029%76%

The AFC South is interesting because anyone of three teams can win it. Houston losing its top WR took them out what was sure to be the favored spot (or at least near it). Instead you have newly minted Colts QB Phillip Rivers leading the way and an overwhelming majority of the money bet thus far is riding that horse.

AFC West

TeamOdds% of tickets% of money
Kansas City-35020%6%
Las Vegas+80053%35%

First off let me say that these odds are bunk. The Raiders are better than the Chargers and Broncos who are flailing with their QB situation. LV not only has a Pro Bowl QB in David Carr, but also has a Pro Bowl back Up in Marcus Mariotta. Their young team is growing up and in my opinion, they present the biggest threat to KC as far as winning the division. But its still KC’s title to lose. The defending Super Bowl champs will be just as good as last season if not better.


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