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100% Cash Bonus from Wager Web

Scott Morris | March 27, 2020
special sportsbook bonus

We all know that life will begin to return to the normal grind sooner than later. It is estimated by many that sports will be in full wing by summer. That means MLB baseball and then the NFL and NCAA football in the fall.

Now may be the perfect time to fund your sportsbook playing account. I say this because Wager Web has offered a limited time 100% cash bonus if you deposit now.

There is no doubt that this offer coincides with the lull in sports caused by the coronavirus. Both parties win. Wager Web gets new deposits, and players get an unprecedented 100% cash from a top ranked sportsbook.


This bonus can be used up to 5 times.

This bonus can be used for sports, casino or E-sports or racebook.

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