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AFC West Point Spreads 2020

Scott Morris | April 18, 2020
Look ahead Lines Kansas City Chiefs

It is true that the NFL regular season is still five months away and that the NFL draft hasn’t happened yet. But there are still point spreads available for the games, as they match-up, right now.

You can lock in bets on games that are five, six or seven months into the future with something called a look-ahead line. is featuring just such a proposition.

Below, you will find all the point spreads for games being played in the AFC West. This includes defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs who look to be favored in every game except one (at Saints).

We will place notes and early picks below each team.

Note: If the game isn’t listed then the spread is OFF the board.

Denver Broncos

  • Broncos -3 at Falcons
  • Broncos PK at Carolina
  • Broncos +6 at New England
  • Broncos +1.5 at Jets
  • Broncos PK vs Bills
  • Broncos -6 vs Miami
  • Broncos +6.5 vs Saints
  • Broncos +1 vs Tampa
  • Broncos PK vs Titans

With QB Drew Lock largely unproven I think it is a smart idea to bet against the Broncos in some key match-ups at this point. I’d take the visiting Bills at a PK over the Broncos. I’d take Miami +6 at Denver. I’d probably take Tampa -1 at Denver as well.


Kansas City Chiefs

  • Chiefs -3 at Bills
  • Chiefs -9 at Miami
  • Chiefs +1 at Saints
  • Chiefs -2.5 at Tampa
  • Chiefs -13.5 vs Jets
  • Chiefs -11 vs Falcons
  • Chiefs -15 vs Panthers
  • Chiefs -11 vs Texans
  • Chiefs -11.5 vs Broncos

The Chiefs have earned the right to be heavy favorites. But maybe a few of these lines are a tad high. And, how do you bet against Mahomes? Still, I think taking the Chiefs over the Bills at -3 looks solid. The Falcons may keep it closer than 11 points at KC.


Las Vegas Raiders

  • Raiders +2 at Jets
  • Raiders +4.5 at Falcons
  • Raiders PK at Carolina
  • Raiders +5 at Cleveland
  • Raiders +6.5 at New England
  • Raiders +1.5 vs Bills
  • Raiders +4.5 vs Miami
  • Raiders +2.5 vs Tampa
  • Raiders +5 vs Saints
  • Raiders +2 vs Colts

OK so, right off the bat I notice Raiders +4.5 vs Miami. Has Miami made some huge offseason deal I haven’t heard about? Yes they will be markedly improved but they aren’t any better than the Raiders on paper. This may be a mistake at the sportsbook level.

Also, has New England signed a QB I haven’t heard about? They don’t have any player at QB who is proven at all. The books may be assigning the Patriots way too much steam here. The fact is that the Patriots have the lowest win total Over/Under since 2003.


LA Chargers

  • Chargers +5 at Bills
  • Chargers -6.5 vs Panthers
  • Chargers -1.5 at Miami
  • Chargers +8.5 at Saints
  • Chargers +5.5 at Tampa
  • Chargers -2 at Bengals
  • Chargers -2 vs Falcons
  • Chargers PK vs Patriots
  • Chargers -5 vs Jets
  • Chargers -8 vs Jaguars

New QB Tyrod Taylor is decent but never stays healthy. According to this really cool website called Sports Injury Predictor, Tyrod Taylor has a 42% chance of getting injured this season. QB Easton Stick is his backup. You may be asking who is Easton Stick?… my thoughts exactly.

The Chargers play in LA, a city that has not embraced them. There doesn’t seem to be much going for the Chargers at the moment. Honestly, I would pick against them in a lot of key match-ups. Take the Saints, take Tampa, take the Falcons (I like this one a lot) and take the Jags.

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