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Popular Online Sportsbook Will Pay You to Do Nothing

Scott Morris | May 26, 2020
BetOnline Sportsbook News

You read that correctly. If you have a sportsbook account with and have a balance, you will get 20% bonus for not doing anything.

In an effort to keep customers from removing their funds, BetOnline has come up with a brilliant idea that pays the customer and keeps the sportsbook from having to process a bunch of new deposits when sports start again. It also serves to stifle any “run on the bank” type of scenario.

The date on which sports start again is really unclear. Many versions of what may happen exist online. Some people think MLB will play out a second half of a season. Others think that the NBA will hold a playoff tournament in Las Vegas. While many of us, myself included believe that sports may officially begin with college football kicking off in August.

Here is the tweet from BO


You have to think, where else can you get 20% on your money? Really, nowhere. This seems like a very fine offer to the staff here at SBA. We have never seen anything like it and some of us have been in the industry since it really kicked off in 1996.


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