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Why Bet Sports Using Cryptocurrency

May 27, 2020
betting sports with bitcoin

You would have to have been in a coma for the last ten years to not know of, or at least have heard about crytpocurrency. The digital currency came on the scene in 2008 but really took off in the mid-2010’s.

Smart betting guide expert team say, “Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin for instance, offers users many advantages. These same advantages are apparent when utilizing crypto sports betting sites. What are these advantages exactly? We have created this list..

Faster Deposits and Withdrawals – The speed at which payroll departments can send and receive cryptocurrency, as compared to regular currency, is amazing. Often times payments are sent and received in just minutes.

Bigger Bonuses – Sportsbooks are able to offer larger bonuses for cryptocurrency users because of the lower amount of overhead involved in taking and receiving those payments. You will often see cryptocurrency bonuses that can be anywhere between 10-50% larger than non.

Low or No Fees – Many times your Bitcoin or cryptocurrency payout will have low or no fee at all. Many times traditional payout methods can have fees attached. Some can get quite pricey.

Higher Limits – Many online sportsbook which use cryptocurrency will offer larger betting and withdrawal limits than those that don’t.

Reliability – There is no chance f your payment getting lost. This is because cryptocurrency leaves a string of information from sender to sender. The blockchain verifies each transaction six separate times before it is approved. And this can all be done in minutes. Traditional bank wires can take days or even weeks.

I conclusion, its safe to say that there are myriad of reasons to use cryptocurrency over traditional fiat currency. The sports betting market is just one facet of those many reasons.

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