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Will Ghislaine Maxwell Die Before Trial Verdict Odds

July 7, 2020
Odds that Ghislaine Maxwell won't make it to verdict

The article we wrote four days ago about how Ghislaine Maxwell will meet her end has sparked a lot of interest and has become somewhat viral. We received feedback including one email that suggested that we put Covid in a category outside of “Natural causes” and give it its very own odds. We made this change.

The original article on the manner of death is a novelty because the odds are being offered nowhere else. We wrote the article keeping in mind that the people most likely to stumble upon it would be assuming her death was a forgotten conclusion and that the manner of death was the variable on which to bet. We have since received plenty of feedback from people who want odds on whether she will live or die before the trial reaches an end.

ghislaine odds

There are three of us here in the office. We all came up with our own WILL GHISLAINE DIE BEFORE TRIAL ODDS and then averaged them together for this article.

But before I list the odds let me point out some things which were considered when making our odds:

  1. Why would she voluntarily return to the U.S. when she was in a country which doesn’t typically extradite its citizens to the U.S.? A Theory: There is a chance that she has already made some behind-the-scenes deals to shield some people. The apparent aloof return to the states was the best way to convey innocence all while unofficially turning herself in.
  2. If everyone in the world is expecting her to get killed, the opposite most likely will be true. The powers that be are fully aware that the U.S. legal system is on display (and on trial) for the entire world to see. This is why we believe there is a possibility that a secret deal may have already been made (see no.1)
  3. The odds we are posting are based on what we consider to be the best numbers to attract even action on both sides of the bet. After-all, solid bookmaking is about getting even action and making money on the vig.

We need your help to shape the odds. We have created this poll to help shape the odds we are pushing out (entertainment purposes only – we are not a sportsbook). We will write a follow up article with the results and final odds based on the poll and feedback.

Which would you bet based on these odds?

Betting Odds - Will Ghislaine Maxwell Die Before Trial Verdict?
Betting Odds - Will Ghislaine Maxwell Die Before Trial Verdict?