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Ghislaine Maxwell Betting Odds

July 8, 2020
Maxwell Trial Odds

Ever since Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested at her $1M New Hampshire Ranch last month, the internet has been a buzz with speculation and friendly bets. We noticed that no sportsbook was posting odds on if Maxwell would even make it to trial and if she didn’t, what her official cause of death would be. So, we created our own odds – for entertainment purposes only.

Will Ghislaine Maxwell Live all the Way Until Verdict is Read Odds

What Will Be Ghislaine Maxwell’s Official Manner of Death Odds

But, there is one sportsbook taking part is some of the Ghislaine Maxwell action. has posted some props revolving around the trial itself.

First Person Named by Ghislaine Maxwell

Glenn Dubin+200
Ehud Barak+250
Prince Andrew+400
Alan Dershowitz+500
Larry Summers+600
Bill Richardson+800
George Mitchell+800
Bill Clinton+1000
Leslie Wexner+1500

Will Epstein property video footage be examined?

NO -200
YES +150

Will Ghislaine Maxwell testify?

NO -120
YES -120

Again these are available to bet right now at

As for now, these are the only bets available for this case which will surely be in every headline. We have been checking around with some of the online sportsbooks and they are mum as to whether death odds will be added. There are sure to be more prop odds added overtime.