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Redskins New Name Odds

July 11, 2020
Redskins New Name Odds

Most people are all fully aware of the name battle that has been occurring with the NFL franchise located in Washington D.C. currently named the Redskins. The heat started less than decade ago when the country was getting “woke” and many people looked for perceived symbols of racism. The Redskins seemed to fit that bill perfectly.

The mobs came after the Redskins and team owner Dan Snyder to change the name. The USPTO revoked the trademark name in a super act of wokeness. There was much attention to this matter and South Park even made an episode about it. (see below)

Dan Snyder made a statement that he would not change the name and that people would just have to accept that and move on. Flash forward to 2020 and the race riots that have taken place in multiple large cities. The PC mob is coming after Snyder even harder and more furiously. Woke companies everywhere are virtue-signaling by dropping their sponsorship and business relations with the Redskins. Among native Americans in the area of Washington DC, there seems to be no consensus as to whether the name is offensive or if it is an honorable tribute like Snyder and his supporters claim.


The mobs don’t seem to be going away this time and Dan has created an internal committee that is said to be looking into the possibility of a name change. They have already announced they are removing the imagery of the native American from merchandise and logo. Translation: The caving is imminent and they are going to change the name. They just need to decide which name they are going to use.

Former player Doc Walker expressed what he calls the most obvious and simple solution. Basically, bring back the helmet logo that was simply a spear and change their name to the “Warriors”. But many detractors of this theory say that since the NBA already has a Warriors franchise, this name is highly unlikely. It may have been fine for the 1940’s but today it won’t happen. This is probably why you don’t see “Warriors” on the odds sheet.

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