Ghislaine Maxwell Final Death Odds & Poll Results

July 13, 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell death odds final

Ghislaine Maxwell, the sidekick and enabler of sick and twisted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested at her newly purchased home in New Hampshire earlier this month.

Today, information has come to light that Maxwell tried to hide from the FBI when they raided her home. This information was made public as prosecutors were asking a judge not to grant bail because Maxwell is an “extreme flight risk”. Also, there is the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell is reported to have many different bank accounts containing large sums of money all over the world. Prosecutors believe if she is set free on bond, they are likely never to see her again.

We have been covering this story from the start and even created our own set of odds on how she will meet her demise. There is a large group of people that believe she will be assassinated before she has a chance to spill the beans on many powerful men who are suspected of taking part in the happenings at “Pedophile Island”.

We also created a poll with odds on if ‘Ghislaine Maxwell will live to see the verdict of her trial. We pushed out NO -220 and YES +185 odds for this. Over 150 people voted on the poll and 75% of them took the YES +185 option.

This information is helpful in defining what the final odds should be. It is also worth mentioning there were no amount values set on what the bet would be. Theoretically, you could have 20 people bet $100 on ‘YES’ and one strong ‘NO’ bettor come in with a $20,000 bet and offset the entire thing.

Still we have adjusted the odds accordingly. We think that the following odds would make for an appropriate starting number for sportsbooks, if any of them decide to post odds on this. At the time of writing this article, the odds do not exist anywhere else online. I also would like to make clear to readers of this article that we are not a sportsbook. We do not take bets of any kind. This is for entertainment purposes only.


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