TikTok Sale Odds – How Much and When?

August 6, 2020
TikTok betting odds

Even if you are an old futty-duddy like me, you know what TikTok is. From my understanding, it is a mobile app where a person can create entertaining or funny little videos and share them with their friends. That is the general consensus of what the company is. But if you are Donald Trump, you see it as a possible tool for the Chinese to spy on America.

Recently, Trump has taken to Twitter to explain that he may be banning the app from use in America. Whether he is being overly paranoid or actually has a valid point remains to be seen, at least in my eyes.

At the same time, Microsoft is looking to buy the company and make it their own. The company is mainly known for their Windows operating system as well as server hosting platforms. This would be their big chance to jump into the hip world of young people making dumb video clips.

Regardless, there are prop betting odds now available at select sportsbooks where you can bet the outcome of the sale of TikTok. Here are those odds:


TikTok sale price
Over 30 Billion (USD) (-110)
Under 30 Billion (USD) (-110)

When will TikTok sale be announced?
Before or On 9/5/20 (-110)
After 9/5/20 (-110)