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NFL Survivor Contest Week 1 Picks Report

Scott Morris | September 10, 2020
NFL Survivor - What are they picking?

Tonight is the opening game for the NFL. I cannot remember a time when the first game of the season was more anticipated. I think this high anticipation level exists for a few reasons. First, and the most obvious, is the Covid lock-down. I know that many people have returned to society and things are running fairly normal in other sports. But, pro football is by far the most popular sports in America. The return of America’s favorite sport is a welcomed relief. The other thing that makes this first game so intense is the fact that there were no pre-season games. There were no watered down games with third-stringers stinking up the airwaves.

The only thing people will not be looking forward to is all the social justice messages that we are sure to see especially before the game start as well as the dumb condescending TV commercials. Many of us were alive when race relations were good and everyone wasn’t calling one another racist. To live in a period of time where all that got flipped upside down is very frustrating for people 30 years old and older. But the show must go on.

One fantastic contest that many Americans enjoy is the NFL Survivor contest. This is the yearly contest when you pick a winner straight up every week. If you pick one loser, then you are out of the contest, hence the name Survivor. If you make it to the end of the regular season without a loss, you win the prize money. Sounds easy enough, but anyone who has played before knows how its way harder than it sounds.

The best NFL Survivor contest is currently run by the folks over at – They are giving away a top prize of $100K. The buy in is only $25. Its definitely worth a shot.

We spoke with the people at SportsBetting today and got the numbers for the survivor contest picks. Not surprisingly, the most heavily picked team is playing on opening night and is the current defending Super Bowl champ. Here are the top five picked teams:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 27%
  2. Indianapolis Colts 14%
  3. Buffalo Bills 13%
  4. Philadelphia Eagles 8%
  5. Baltimore Ravens 7%

Its not too late to join in the action. You have until Monday, Sept. 14th to sign up and register. Here is how to join:

To Enter:

  1. Sign Up at
  2. Deposit Money
  3. Click “Contests” in the main navigation
  4. Find the NFL Survivor Contest and Click Enter Contest

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