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Updated Super Bowl Odds After Week 1 NFL

September 15, 2020
49ers lose to Cardinals

The games were still fairly enjoyable this weekend despite having no fans in the stands. The stadiums piped in their fake fan noise which kept it from being eerily quiet. Most shots of the action are close-up so the stands are not seen anyway.

The first week produced a few surprises. The 49ers losing to the Cardinals was a bit of a surprise. The loss was disappointing enough that it led HOF’er Jerry Rice to rip his former team. The Niners were heavy favorites to win their division.

The Jags beating the Colts was shocking to much of the public. The action at online sportsbooks was lopsided with 65% of the public taking the Colts. I don’t think Rivers has it anymore.

The Browns stunk it up in Baltimore. Its only matter of time before that experiment collapses on itself. Too many egos. Not enough cohesion. The Ravens played lights-out football.

The latest Super Bowl Odds are live. Its no surprise that the Chiefs are still the overall favorite. They beat up on the Texans pretty good and the reigning MVP looked great.

Updated Super Bowl 55 Odds

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Kansas City Chiefs+500
Baltimore Ravens+575
New Orleans Saints+900
San Francisco 49ers+1200
Seattle Seahawks+1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1600
Buffalo Bills+2000
Dallas Cowboys+2000
Green Bay Packers+2000
New England Patriots+2200
Pittsburgh Steelers+2200
Tennessee Titans+2500
Arizona Cardinals+2800
Los Angeles Rams+3300
Indianapolis Colts+4000
Minnesota Vikings+4000
Philadelphia Eagles+4000
Atlanta Falcons+5000
Chicago Bears+5000
Las Vegas Raiders+5000
Los Angeles Chargers+5000
Cleveland Browns+6600
Houston Texans+7500
Denver Broncos+8000
Detroit Lions+10000
New York Giants+12500
Carolina Panthers+15000
Cincinnati Bengals+20000
Jacksonville Jaguars+20000
Miami Dolphins+20000
New York Jets+25000