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Kansas Chiefs At Tampa Bay Predictions, Odds and Picks

Scott Morris | November 29, 2020
Bucs vs Chiefs free pick

Below we have a preview of the predictions for the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Further odds and fixtures can be found at, for continuous updates and game predictions.

Kansas City Chiefs: betting lines and odds fixtures

Odds and fixtures are continuously updated by the hour and days leading up to the sports event.

Over/Under: 55.5, Over at -115 and Under at -106
Money Line: You can bet $193 to win a total of $100. Kansas City Chiefs at -193. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at +165. Bet $100 to win $165.
ATS (Against the Spread): Kansas City Chiefs at -3.5 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at +3.5.

Game notes and considerations for Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Kansas City Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay’s showcased different results from their last games. The final touchdown in the last minute by Kansas, provided the 35-31 finish that they needed for their Sunday night football match. The pass was secured by none other by the player and Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Bay Buccaneers unfortunately lost to the Rams by a last three-minute goal. Quarterback Brady was held for 216 yards for two interceptions and touchdowns.

The leading Super Bowl MVP Mahomes holds the record of 3,035 yards (passing). With 27 touchdowns and evasions of two interceptions, Mahomes is definitely a reigning champ of the moment.

In rank, Tampa Bay’s rank second for their defensive efforts this season. Currently they are number one against the run and number two against the pass. The Kansas Chiefs are 14th with 30th for the against run.

Tampa are in fact, third within the league and 5 yards per play allowed. In addition to this, Kansas are second in terms of their offense, with a total of 6.3 yards added for every play.

The chiefs on the other hand, have a league of 31.1 points high for every game played with offense. The Bucs on the other hand have a score of 29.1 per game and play.

Kansas are third with their plus-8 turnover differentials within the year, however Tampa have a plus -5 for their turnover range.

Injuries to take note of

Injuries that may be worth you taking notes of from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is as follows:

  • Jamel Dean has a concussion and therefore out of games until further notice.
  • Ali Marpet also has similar health issues and an injury of concussion, however his return is questionable and still unknown as of yet.
  • Donovan Smith has an ankle injury and is therefore again unknown of when his return will be.

The prediction for the game results as of today currently stands at the Kansas City Chiefs with 32 and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 23.

Money Lines

The -193 for the Chiefs mean the Chiefs are the favorites for the win of the game ahead. With just one loss within the season so far, at week 10 in 2019, these guys have all the favor and eyes on them. The team is very familiar with the strengths and weaknesses within the team. Especially with the fact that they can use the experience of Brady to the advantage of their game. Many say the Chiefs are far more respondent and realizing of the qualities that their team players bring that of Tampa Bay’s awareness for Mahomes amongst other players in their playing dynamics.

Against the Spread

The Chiefs are predicted to win, with a -3.5 or -106 spread, at 4 points in the lead. The rush defense that Tampa Bay employs on the field will put the ball within the hands of Mahomes more frequently. However, as we often see within matches i.e. the Raiders saw that no lead will ever be safe, as possession can be counterattacked quickly and taken down the field to score. The Chiefs are known for their passing attacks that allow quick maneuvers down the field of games themselves.

Over and Unders

The Over and Unders showcase interesting predictions. The Under leans towards a 55.5 or -106. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be able to hopefully keep the Chiefs limited containment within the early parts of the game, yet the defence of the Chiefs will provide a brute force to make Tampa Bay break into less strategically inclined throws, open to interception. The Chief’s often break their opponents under pressure, so that the players have to keep up with their star players.


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