NFL Week 13 Lopsided Bet Action Report

December 5, 2020
Baker Matfield and Browns take on Titans

Every week we give a report on the lopsided bets directly from the sportsbook itself. For the bet to make our report, both the total tickets and actual money wagered must both be lopsided on the same team by 67% or more.

The operating logic for this type of reporting is that many people try to avoid betting the same side as the public for several reason. The line may be inflated, there maybe a misconception about how good one team is or anyone of a myriad of other possibilities.

Some folks take it one step further and actually bet the ATP (against the public) plays. Their logic is that the sportsbooks always end up winning in the end so may as well ride their coattails.

The truth of the matter is that sportsbooks make most of their money from parlays and the vig. So, betting public number should be used as just one tool in an effort to handicap and bet on games.

NFL Week 13 Public Betting Report (Lopsided only)

HOU vs INDIND -3IND 78%IND 93%
NYJ vs LVLV -8.5LV 86% LV 88%
TEN vs CLETEN -5.5TEN 78%TEN 87%
KC vs DENKC -14KC 86%KC 80%

stats from William Hill Sportsbook