Super Bowl 55 Exact Matchup Odds – And Pick

January 7, 2021
Super Bowl 55 matchup odds

You know what they say “Vegas has a line for everything”. And while that is not totally true, the spirit of the statement is. Meaning that if you can dream up a sports scenario that more than a few people would be interested in, then you can bet it.

The same holds true for picking the exact matchup for Super Bowl 55. The NFL playoffs start with 14 teams. They are in a bracket much like the March Madness tournament brackets. Go through each game, pick your winner and then after you have narrowed it down to the last team from each conference, place your bet.

Here at SBA we did exactly that. In our bracket, Buffalo narrowly edges out Kansas City along the way and does the same to the Steelers. They end up facing the Bucs in the Super and the twist is that the Bucs are the first team in Super Bowl history to have home-field advantage. That may affect the spread some.

A month ago we wrote an article predicting what the Super Bowl spreads would be for all potential matchups. And though some of those lines may be slightly different if we matched them up now, it is a great article and good food-for-thought.

As we said we are taking Buffalo vs Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl. That pays out at 16-1 should those two teams make it. Here are the other odds available at BetOnline.ag

Side note: some fun little bets to place that are akin to hitting the lotto are extreme long odds. For instance $1 on Cleveland facing the Washington Football Team pays $900

Super Bowl Matchups Odds

Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs+400
New Orleans Saints vs Kansas City Chiefs+650
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs+800
Green Bay Packers vs Buffalo Bills+1000
Seattle Seahawks vs Kansas City Chiefs+1100
New Orleans Saints vs Buffalo Bills+1400
Green Bay Packers vs Baltimore Ravens+1600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Buffalo Bills+1600
New Orleans Saints vs Baltimore Ravens+2200
Los Angeles Rams vs Kansas City Chiefs+2500
Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills+2500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Baltimore Ravens+2800
Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers+3300
Green Bay Packers vs Tennessee Titans+3300
Seattle Seahawks vs Baltimore Ravens+3500
Green Bay Packers vs Indianapolis Colts+4000
New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers+4000
Seattle Seahawks vs Indianapolis Colts+4000
Los Angeles Rams vs Buffalo Bills+5000
New Orleans Saints vs Tennessee Titans+5000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Pittsburgh Steelers+5000
Green Bay Packers vs Cleveland Browns+6000
New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts+6000
Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs+6600
Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers+7500
Seattle Seahawks vs Tennessee Titans+7500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Tennessee Titans+7500
Los Angeles Rams vs Baltimore Ravens+8000
New Orleans Saints vs Cleveland Browns+8000
Washington vs Kansas City Chiefs+8000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Indianapolis Colts+10000
Seattle Seahawks vs Cleveland Browns+12500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland Browns+12500
Chicago Bears vs Buffalo Bills+15000
Los Angeles Rams vs Pittsburgh Steelers+15000
Los Angeles Rams vs Tennessee Titans+15000
Washington vs Buffalo Bills+17500
Los Angeles Rams vs Indianapolis Colts+20000
Chicago Bears vs Baltimore Ravens+22500
Washington vs Baltimore Ravens+22500
Los Angeles Rams vs Cleveland Browns+27500
Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers+40000
Chicago Bears vs Tennessee Titans+40000
Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts+50000
Washington vs Pittsburgh Steelers+50000
Washington vs Tennessee Titans+50000
Washington vs Indianapolis Colts+60000
Washington vs Cleveland Browns+90000