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BetUS Promo Code – Deposit $100 and Lose – Get $150 Back

Scott Morris | January 9, 2021
BetUS Promo Code

We are always keeping our eyes open for our readers. Searching out the best deals and best bonuses. Here is one that just popped up from BetUS.

If you deposit $100 and lose that money, you get a $150 rebate. It sounds too good to be true but isn’t. Because they are willing to take a loss like this to secure new customers. It all fits within the marketing budget. And you benefit.

What to Do:

  1. Signup at BetUS
  2. Enter Promo Code BACK150
  3. Deposit $100
  4. Thats it!

Have some fun with no risk. Feel free to drop us a line to let us know how the process went for you. We always love feedback.

About BetUS

BetUS is a long time industry heavyweight. They worked their way up to the top of our sportsbook rankings with hard work and attentive customer service.

Should you ever have a problem, their customer service will be right on it. And we are always here to help as well.


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