Bit Mood – Are People Around You Suffering from Unusual Mood Swings?

January 11, 2021
Bad mood because of Bitcoin

Are people (especially men) you know having unusual mood swings lately? Do they check their phone every five minutes and what they see instantly changes their mood? Has their mood been really pleasant lately (months even) until yesterday? Well, your bf, husband, friend may be suffering from a Bit Mood.

Bit Mood is the mood swings associated with the wild price swings associated with owning Bitcoin (really any cryptocurrency for that matter). The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been on a bull run for many months, running up its value from less than a year ago of $4K all the way to $40K earlier this month. Suddenly, investors had more money than ever.

Even Hodlr’s (slang term used for people who buy and hold BTC for the long term) have been affected by this mood swing even though their outlook is long term. These are precisely the people that should not be checking the price on their phones every day. But guess what? They always do.

So ladies, if you are ever in a fight with your man and he pulls out the old “I guess its just your time of the month” or ‘You must be going through menopause”. Hit them back with a “Are you in a Bit Mood?”. If he says that it is true BTC is the source of his troubles, and you want great make-up sex, tell him you understand Bitmood because you read about it on this sports betting blog called SBA. Then listen to him whine about the price and how the price is being manipulated by the Chinese yada yada yada.


  • For Hodlr’s there is only one thing to do with that coin. Place it in cold storage. Make it harder to access and panic sell.
  • Delete your financial app where you check crypto prices from your phone. What’s the point? You are a long term investor. Don’t make yourself sweat every day.
  • Stop talking about BTC with your friends and family who don’t own it. They don’t care and they are annoyed by it.

We hope this information has been helpful. If your man, friend, brother is acting angry or unnecessarily happy, check the price of Bitcoin. There is a high chance that the mood and the price are correlated.