2021 Kentucky Derby Ticket Information, Packages, & Offers

January 15, 2021
Kentucky Derby 2021

Are you looking forward to the best things that will happen this 2021? Aside from planning to catch up on the things you missed last year, perhaps going to a horse racing event might give spice to your bucket list. It may sound unusual to non-race horse fans, but horse racing shows can put you in a rewarding experience, creating an atmosphere where fun meets revenue.

The Kentucky Derby will help you fulfill that dream as it approaches back to its original date. From April 30 to May 1, 2021, a brand new season of the legendary American horse racing show is set to open at Churchill Downs, with a new lineup of top horses vying for the title. After settling a difficult edition last year, the Kentucky Derby is now back on track.

Hence, as the horse racing community looks forward to the bigger things that the Kentucky Derby will bring this year, ticket packages are up for reservation. There are many ways to buy Derby tickets. To guide you with this year’s Derby experience, here are the complete 2021 Kentucky Derby ticket packages and hospitality accommodations you can avail of.

General Admission

The General Admission tickets are the most in-demand passes in all Derby seasons. It is the cheapest and allows you to get free seating choices. The ticket also allows you to pass the facility, the whole program, and field access. Not only that, but you are also allowed to bring personal blankets and chairs to view the race at the video board.

These tickets usually cost around $45 to $135 and can be purchased online or at the Churchill Downs gate. If you want to save more when purchasing general admission tickets, you can make a reservation online weeks before the event.

Reserved Outdoor Seating

Both the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby offer Reserved Outdoor Seating. It is where you can get a view of the racing event from the first turn until the finishing stretch. There are three types of seating that you can reserve. First is the Individual Grandstand Bleacher, which is found in the 1st and 2nd levels.

Next is the Individual Grandstand Stadium, which is only found at the second level. It will also allow you to overlook the dirt track. The last one is the Box Seats. These are all located from the first to the third level of the facility, which comes in six seats. This seating is good for family and friends who want to earn a great racing experience together.

Outdoor Seating With Hospitality

The Outdoor Seating with Hospitality is one of the premier reserved tickets you can book in the upcoming Kentucky Derby. Together with the reserved seat, you get food and beverages, which you can savor while watching the racing show. One of the hospitality access you can get when purchasing this ticket is the Angry Orchard Club view.

Besides that, the Courtyard is also accessible, which are front row seats where you can witness the thunderous racing competition. Not only that, but it also allows you to freely come in and out at the Starting Gate Roof Garden, allowing you to gaze at the panoramic view of the racetrack from the rooftop. Lastly, the Plaza Balcony is where you can chill and relax while meeting the most famous jockeys in the industry.

All-Inclusive Dining

All-Inclusive Dining gives you the most luxurious experience that the 2021 Kentucky Derby has to offer. Here are the different dining classifications.

Matt Winn’s Steakhouse

Just located across the field’s finish line, this steakhouse gives you the best dining experience that you can enjoy along with the jockeys, trainers, and other Derby personalities.

Millionaire’s Row

The Millionaire’s Row is an exclusive place in the 4th, 5th, and 6th levels of the racetrack Clubhouse. All the tables are composed of the chef’s table buffet, and along with the food and beverages, it’s price starts from $36,000. You have an all-access to every amenity and even gamble using self-service betting machines.

Luxury Trackside Club

The Luxury Trackside Club offers exclusive access to all premium amenities, including a rare view of the iconic twin spires. You are also permitted to have an all-day pass to premium bars and catering. In-suite televisions, betting machines, and souvenir programs are given in this type of Derby ticket bookings.

Corporate Hospitality And Private Suites

If you want to feel the whole Kentucky Derby festival and dress up on race day, you can book a reservation for the Corporate Hospitality and Private Suites. There are five types of hospitality ticket reservations you can pick, which include Starting Gates Suites, Jockey Club Suites, Finish Line Suites, Turf Suites, and Winner Circle Suites.


The 2021 Kentucky Derby does not only allow you to see the horse racing games live. It also offers luxurious and all-inclusive dining, party, and hospitality reservations that can make your experience more memorable and fulfilling. For fans who want to scratch an entry off their bucket list, you can book your Derby tickets as early as today. Don’t miss your chance of making this year extra special by witnessing the Kentucky Derby live.