Look Ahead Lines for Super Bowl 55

January 18, 2021
Lombardi Trophy

There are four teams left in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy. They will be facing off this weekend. So why wait until after these games are played to know the Super Bowl line? With something called a “look ahead line” you don’t have to.

Excellent sportsbooks keep their players occupied with all types of action. This goes for every day game lines all the way down to prop offerings on what color the Gatorade will be. One very popular option is sports betting on games and matchups that aren’t set yet. These are so-called “look ahead lines”.

In the chart below you will see the look ahead lines for Super Bowl 55 from two sportsbooks. One is from William Hill, a top brick-and mortar sportsbook and online operator which can be found in about a dozen states, give or take. The other is from BetOnline.ag, an A Rated sportsbook located offshore.

There is actually quite some disparity between the two offerings. If you live in a state where Will Hill is available, you could line shop between them and offshore to get the best line available.

TeamsWilliam HillBetOnline
Bucs vs BillsPick Em'Bucs -1.5
Bucs vs ChiefsChiefs -2.5Chiefs -3
Bills vs PackersPackers -1Packers -2
Chiefs vs PackersChiefs -2.5Chiefs -1