Super Bowl 55 Prop Picks

February 5, 2021
Super Bowl 55 Props picks

It is expected that Super Bowl LV will become the most-bet on sporting event in U.S. history. Last year’s game reported roughly $7 billion in wagers. With more U.S. states legalizing sports betting and fans still dealing with the coronavirus, betting on the Super Bowl might get a little crazy.

And, what better way to get crazy with the Super Bowl that betting props. Not only can bettors wager on the traditional moneyline, spread, and game total; they also have their choice of huge number of proposition bets. Here are some of the best.

Before the Game

Before the game even kicks off, bettors can get in on a number of prop bets. One of the more popular wagers is on the length on the national anthem. This year, Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan will team up to perform the Star Spangled Banner.

The national anthem is roughly a two-minute song. Bettors can wager on the Over or Under 119.5 seconds at -115. Since 2013, the trend has been Over 2:00 minutes. Six of the eight have gone 120 seconds or higher. Last year, Demi Lovato’s version was just 1:49 making two of the last three national anthems hit the Under.

The Pick: With Church playing guitar, this version of the anthem could drag out. Follow the recent trend and take the Over at -115.

Bettors can also get in on the pregame coin toss. It’s a 50-50 proposition. It’s either heads or tails. You can bet on either at -110. For the record, in 54 Super Bowls, tails has come up 29 times and heads 25. Last year, tails was the winner and it has been the winner in five of the last seven Super Bowls.

Betting “heads” or “tails” isn’t the only way to bet on the coin toss. Bettors can also wager on which team – Bucs or Chiefs – will win the toss (both are priced at -110). Bettors can also bet on the team winning the toss wins the game at -110. Last year, the 49ers won the toss but lost the game to the Chiefs.

The Pick: To make it more exciting, bet on the team that wins the toss to win the game at -110. At the very least, that keeps you engaged even more in the outcome of the game.

First Quarter Props

There are a number of first quarter props from which to choose. With two of the top-scoring offenses in the NFL playing each other, the race to 6, 9, and 12 first quarter points bets are intriguing. The first quarter of any Super Bowl is usually one where offenses kind of feel out defenses before really getting started.

In the last ten Super Bowls for example, only once have the two teams combined for more than 12 points. That was Super Bowl XLV when Green Bay scored two first quarter touchdowns against Pittsburgh. In three of those ten games, the first quarter score ended up 0-0. With two explosive offenses, it doesn’t seem likely that there would be a scoreless first quarter. In the race to 6 points though, the “Neither” option – meaning a scoreless quarter – is priced at +290.

Kansas City is favored to get to six points first at -105. The Bucs are priced at +160. It’s not likely either team gets to 12 points, but these two high-powered offenses could easily put up two touchdowns in the first quarter. Remember, when the two teams played earlier in the regular season, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes threw two touchdown passes and K.C. led 17-0 at the end of the first. The Chiefs to get to 12 is listed at +375. The Bucs, who have scored 30 or more points in six straight games, are listed at +650.

The Pick: Both offenses are explosive, but neither team starts all that fast. Yes, K.C. did start fast in the regular season game against the Bucs, but don’t expect that again. Both teams will feel each other out early in the first quarter. Take the higher payout on Tampa Bay getting to six points first at +160.


Player Props

One of the most popular player props is the player that will score the first touchdown. With Kansas City’s offense, the Chiefs are favored to score first. The players most likely to score would be TE Travis Kelce (+550), who has three postseason touchdowns already, and WR Tyreek Hill, who had 17 total touchdowns during the regular season. Three of them came against Tampa Bay in the Chiefs regular season victory over the Bucs.

Bettors leaning toward a Bucs touchdown scored first would focus on wide receivers Mike Evans (+700) and Chris Godwin (+1100). A solid longshot bet would be on Tampa Bay TE Cameron Brate at +2000 or bettors could go with either Mahomes (+1900) or Tom Brady (+3300) scoring on a run, possibly a quarterback sneak capping off a touchdown drive.

The Pick: The safe bet is Kelce at +550, but take a chance and put a small wager on Brady at +3300 to score on a sneak to cap a touchdown drive. Brady did have three rushing touchdowns during the regular season.

Also popular among player props is the anytime touchdown scorer. Bettors can get some huge payouts selecting players that aren’t as likely to score. Kelce (-175) and Hill (-160) are expected to score, but Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman (+275) is not. It’s the same for Tampa Bay where Evans (-135) is the most likely Buc to score. You can take the safe bet or take Brate (+240) or even Rob Gronkowski (+290) for a larger payout should they get into the end zone.

The Pick: The anytime touchdown bet is a great one to parlay, but we’ll take Gronkowski at +290. He has not been all that involved in the offense much in the postseason, but you know Gronk and his performance in big games.


Bettors also have a large number of special props from which to choose. Both Hill and Kelce have had back-to-back 100-yard-plus receiving games in the postseason. You can bet on Kelce to reach 120 or more receiving yards and the Chiefs to win at +160. Hill on the same bet is priced at +175 or you can wager on Hill going for at least 100 receiving yards and the Chiefs winning at +120.

Bettors that like the Bucs to win can get in on a number of Tom Brady specials. Brady has averaged over 300 yards passing in his last three Super Bowls. Bettors can take Brady to throw for 250-plus and a Bucs win at +135. The same bet with Brady at 275-plus is priced at +150 and 300-plus is on the board for +190.

The Pick: Kelce has been Mahomes’ guy all season. He will be the focus of the Chiefs offense and a Chiefs’ victory. The best special bet is on Kelce to have at least 120 receiving yards and a K.C. win which pays out at +160.