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Update: BAS Software Rollout Continues

May 16, 2021
Betanysports update was scheduled to be down most of Tuesday May 11, 2021 for site-wide upgrades. The work has taken a lot longer than anticipated to complete. We spoke to BAS management and they gave us this quote on the matter:

“BetAnySports has continued to implement its new betting software this week and we wanted to send out a quick update. As the upgrade progresses, bettors may notice that certain elements of the website are a little glitchy during this time. Rest assured that all customer data and of course funds are completely safe and secure at this time.
Ownership for BetAnySports remains the same as does management. This is a period of growth for the company, which is why we have made this investment into new software to improve the customer experience. Even though some players are experiencing a few bugs as of right now, the site will be back to normal very soon. We understand that these types of rollouts can create some challenges but these are not long-term concerns. Rest assured that all of your favorite products and offerings will be back up in the coming days. Thanks for sticking with us as we improve the experience for our customers.”